Nanoimprint stamps with ultra-high resolution: Optimal fabrication techniques

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title = "Nanoimprint stamps with ultra-high resolution: Optimal fabrication techniques",
abstract = "Single-digit nanometer patterning by nanoimprint lithography is a challenging task, which requires optimum stamp fabrication technique. In the current work, we present different strategies for technology of hard master stamps to make intermediate working stamps with sub-10 nm features. Methods of both negative and positive master stamps fabrication, based on EBL, RIE and ALD are described and compared. A single-step copying of negative master stamps using a polymer material is a preferred strategy to reach the ultra high-resolution. Lines as small as 5.6 nm are demonstrated in a resist using a combined thermal and UV-imprint with OrmoStamp material as a working stamp.",
keywords = "Nanoimprint, OrmoStamp, Pattern transfer, Stamp, Ultra-high resolution",
author = "Mariusz Graczyk and Andrea Cattoni and Benedikt R{\"o}sner and Gediminas Seniutinas and Anette L{\"o}fstrand and Anders Kvennefors and Dominique Mailly and Christian David and Ivan Maximov",
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