Neuroprotective dobutamine treatment upregulates superoxide dismutase 3, anti-oxidant and survival genes and attenuates genes mediating inflammation

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Background: Labor subjects the fetus to an hypoxic episode and concomitant adrenomodullary catecholamine surge that may provide protection against the hypoxic insult. The beta1-adrenergic agonist dobutamine protects against hypoxia/aglycemia induced neuronal damage. We aimed to identify the associated protective biological processes involved. Results: Hippocampal slices from 6 days old mice showed significant changes of gene expression comparing slices with or without dobutamine (50 mM) in the following two experimental paradigms: (1) control conditions versus lipopolysacharide (LPS) stimulation and (2) oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD), versus combined LPS/OGD. Dobutamine depressed the inflammatory response by modifying the toll-like receptor-4 signalling pathways, including interferon regulatory factors and nuclear factor Κ B activation in experimental paradigm 1. The anti-oxidant defense genes superoxide dismutase 3 showed an upregulation in the OGD paradigm while thioredoxin reductase was upregulated in LPS paradigm. The survival genes Bag-3, Tinf2, and TMBIM-1, were up-regulated in paradigm 1. Moreover, increased levels of SOD3 were verified on the protein level 24 h after OGD and control stimulation in cultures with or without preconditioning with LPS and dobutamine, respectively. Conclusions: Neuroprotective treatment with dobutamine depresses expression of inflammatory mediators and promotes the defense against oxidative stress and depresses apoptotic genes in a model of neonatal brain hypoxia/ischemia interpreted as pharmacological preconditioning. We conclude that beta1-adrenoceptor activation might be an efficient strategy for identifying novel pharmacological targets for protection of the neonatal brain.


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  • Dobutamine, Gene array, Hippocampal slice cultures, Hypoxia, Lipopolysaccharide, Preconditioning, Superoxide dismutase 3
Original languageEnglish
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JournalBMC Neuroscience
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Mar 9
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