Neutron Excitations Across the N=50 Shell Gap in 102In

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The structure of In-102 has been investigated by in-beam gamma-spectroscopic methods. Knowledge on the excited states of this nucleus has significantly been extended. Three cascades of transitions were observed to exceed the spin-energy domain spanned by the pig(9/2)(-1)v(d(5/2),g(7/2))(3) configurations. The new high spin states at similar to 4 MeV excitation energy could be assigned to the pig(9/2)(-1)v(d(5/2), g(7/2))(2)h (11/2) configuration, while at least those at 4.733, 5.192 and 5.853 MeV most likely arise from the vg(9/2) --> vd(5/2), g(7/2) one-particle-one-hole excitation across the N = 50 shell closure.


  • D Sohler
  • M Palacz
  • Z Dombradi
  • J Blomqvist
  • LO Norlin
  • J Nyberg
  • T Back
  • K Lagergren
  • A Algora
  • Corina Andreoiu
  • G de Angelis
  • A Atac
  • D Bazzacco
  • B Cederwall
  • B Fant
  • E Farnea
  • A Gadea
  • M Gorska
  • H Grawe
  • N Hashimito-Saitoh
  • A Johnson
  • A Kerek
  • W Klamra
  • J Kownacki
  • SM Lenzi
  • A LIkar
  • M Lipoglavsek
  • M Moszynski
  • DR Napoli
  • C Rossi-Alvarez
  • HA Roth
  • T Saitoh
  • D Seweryniak
  • O Skeppstedt
  • J Timar
  • M Weiszflog
  • M Wolinska
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  • Subatomic Physics


  • with shell model calculations, multipolarities, EUROBALL and ISIS arrays, E=240 MeV, transition, 54Fe(Ni-58, np2 alpha), measured E gamma, gamma-, gamma, I gamma, (charged particle)gamma-, (neutron)gamma-coin, gamma-ray, polarization, In-102 deduced levels, J, configurations, pi, comparison, neutron wall
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)181-189
JournalNuclear Physics, Section A
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - 2002
Publication categoryResearch