New peptaibols from Mycogone cervina

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title = "New peptaibols from Mycogone cervina",
abstract = "From cultures of Mycogone cervina, a mycophilic fungus growing on the fruit bodies of ascomycete Paxina acetabulum, two new peptaibols (cervinin, N-Ac-Leu-Aib-Pro-Aib-Leu-Aib-Pro-Ala-Aib-Pro-Val-red-Leu (1) and the red-Leu O-acetylated derivative 2) were isolated. The structures of 1 and 2 were elucidated by spectroscopic techniques. They exhibited weak antibacterial as well as cytotoxic activities. They are the first secondary metabolites described from M. cervina.",
author = "C Wilhelm and H Anke and Yonny Flores and Olov Sterner",
note = "The information about affiliations in this record was updated in December 2015. The record was previously connected to the following departments: Organic chemistry (S/LTH) (011001240)",
year = "2004",
doi = "10.1021/np0302899",
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