New sub-us Isomers in 125Sn, 127Sn, 129Sn and Isomer Systematics of 124-130Sn

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title = "New sub-us Isomers in 125Sn, 127Sn, 129Sn and Isomer Systematics of 124-130Sn",
abstract = "New sub-mu s isomers have been observed in the neutron-rich Sn isotopes. Sn-125,Sn-127,Sn-129 nuclei have been produced in a relativistic fission reaction of U-238 on a Be-9 target at 750 A.MeV and by the fragmentation of Xe-136 at 600 A.MeV populating high-spin yrast states. In addition to the already known mu s isomers, three new ones with sub-mu s half-lives have been observed. These yrast isomers are the high-spin members of the nu(d(3/2)(-1)h(11/2)(-2)) and nu h(11/2)(-n), seniority v = 3 multiplets leading to isomeric (23/2(+)) and (27/2(-)) states, respectively. Added to the already known 19/2(+)mu s isomers in this region the current work completes the systematic information of neutron-hole excitations toward the filling of the last h(11/2) orbital at N = 82. The results are discussed in the framework of state-of-the-art shell-model calculations using realistic interactions.",
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