Ny definition av palliativ vård med fokus på lidande

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title = "Ny definition av palliativ v{\aa}rd med fokus p{\aa} lidande",
abstract = "Palliative care was initially developed for patients with a cancer diagnosis and severe symptoms. Despite the ambition to broaden the palliative care approach to include other groups, patients with cancer are still a majority in specialised palliative care. The broader view and development of palliative care has led to an intense debate on existing definitions. Following a request from The Lancet Commission on global palliative care, the International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC) has presented a new definition. The proposal was developed in several stages, in collaboration with specialists in palliative care from a total of 88 countries. The IAHPC's definition differs from the WHO's definition in several aspects. Most importantly, the IAHPC's definition takes a reversed perspective and instead of focusing on life-threatening illness as motivating palliative care, the new proposal focuses on serious suffering of a person with severe illness.",
author = "Anette Alvariza and Bertil Axelsson and Birgit Rasmussen and {Terne Stedt}, {Britt Marie} and F{\"u}rst, {Carl Johan}",
year = "2020",
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