Nya nationella riktlinjer för handläggning av akut pankreatit

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title = "Nya nationella riktlinjer f{\"o}r handl{\"a}ggning av akut pankreatit",
abstract = "This is a short report of the recently published Swedish guidelines for acute pancreatitis, which are based on international guidelines as well as original publications. The report covers diagnosis, classification, treatment and follow up for patients with acute pancreatitis. Early rehydration and goal-based fluid therapy is recommended as well as oral intake of food on demand. Risk factors for development of severe disease and organ failure should be considered already in the emergency unit. Abdominal computer tomography is generally not recommended the first 5-7 days from onset of symptoms. Antibiotic therapy is only recommended when there is suspicion of or a confirmed infection. If intervention is needed for patients with moderate or severe disease a minimal-invasive step-up approach is recommended. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiography is generally not recommended as a treatment in the acute phase of the disease. Identification and treatment of the etiology causing acute pancreatitis is essential to prevent new episodes of the disease.",
author = "Sara Regn{\'e}r and Bodil Andersson",
year = "2021",
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language = "svenska",
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