Nyheter bland svenska stångfibblor

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The revision of Pilosella presented by the author in 2001 is here updated with new records and taxa, and recent international advancements in the field are briefly presented and discussed. The taxonomy of the previous revision, based on the "genotypic cluster species concept" of Mallet and the principles that species should be circumscribed as groups of individuals whose intermediates are rare and unfit in natural habitats, and that only recent and ephemeral crosses between known parental species should be treated as hybrids, is generally retained. However, as compared to the revision from 2001, one species previously not known from the Nordic countries is presented (viz P. cymosiformis) based on new records from SE Sweden, three stabilized hybrids are accepted as such with binomial names (viz P. xpiloselliflora, P. xpolioderma and P. xscandinav-ica), P. pseudoblyttii is treated as ar independent species (previously P. aurantiaca yds. pseudoblyttii) and the previously not well understood "Hieracium transbottnicum" is introduced as a species under the new combination P. transbot-nica (Norrl.) T. Tyler sp. nov. In addition, based on new information about the type material for the name P.floribunda, this name is applied to a taxon presumably derived from P. aurantiaca subsp. dimorpha x P. cymosa subsp.praealta (= P. xassimilata) and only recently introduced in Sweden, while the name P. suecica is re-introduced for the widespread native species referred to as P.floribunda in the 2001 revision. A key to all accepted taxa is included, their diagnostic characters are discussed and new provincial records (including ephemeral hybrids) are summarized.


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