On Enterprise Systems Artifacts: Changes in Information Systems Development and Evaluation

Research output: ThesisDoctoral Thesis (compilation)


title = "On Enterprise Systems Artifacts: Changes in Information Systems Development and Evaluation",
abstract = "Enterprise Systems are one of the most important developments in corporate information systems during the last decade. These integrated information systems are characterized by a number of features which include a very broad scope and functionality, as well as being generic, master data, and business-process orientated. Together, these features make Enterprise Systems unique vis-{\`a}-vis other information systems and have a profound impact on information systems development and evaluation. For instance, analysis, design, and realization during traditional information system development is replaced by the selection of a system and the evaluation of an underlying reference model, as well as the setting of configuration parameters. The focus of the study is the Enterprise Systems artifact and its impact on information systems development and evaluation. The aims are 1) to improve our understanding of the key characteristics of Enterprise System artifacts, leading to changes in information systems development and the increased importance of evaluation and 2) to develop methods and evaluation approaches for Enterprise Systems. The main research approach applied in gaining an increased understanding has been artifact evaluation, belonging to constructive research. The research reported upon in the thesis is presented in two parts. The first part synthesizes the text of part one with the seven included papers. The included papers address Enterprise Systems, information system development and evaluation in complementary ways leading up to the conclusion of part one. The concluding output of the thesis is an integrated framework addressing the implications of Enterprise System artifacts for information systems development and evaluation. The framework includes several causally-related components, including the Enterprise System artifact and its key characteristics, an Enterprise System life cycle (including the four interrelated tasks of selection, configuration, implementation and use & operation), COTS implementation methods, and the changing purpose of evaluation. In a sense, the conclusion is a theorizing of the nature of Enterprise System artifacts. Despite the fact that this thesis provides insights into the nature of Enterprise Systems, it is evident that more research is needed.",
keywords = "information systems development, evaluation, artifact evaluation, artifacts, systemteori, Informatik, Informatics, systems theory, Enterprise Systems, ERP Systems",
author = "Jonas Hedman",
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