On Great 19th-Century Swedish Poets

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title = "On Great 19th-Century Swedish Poets",
abstract = "The most prominent poets in the two golden ages of Swedish Poetry in the 19th Century are presented: Tegn{\'e}r, Stagnelius, von Heidenstam,Fr{\"o}ding, Karlfeldt. Their formal skills as well as their main themes are described, and citations are given in english and swedish.",
keywords = "19th Century Swedish Poets, Tegn{\'e}r, Stagnelius, Fr{\"o}ding, Karlfeldt, Heidenstam",
author = "{Haettner Aurelius}, Eva",
year = "2012",
language = "English",
volume = "Vol. 4",
pages = "217--226",
journal = "Forum for World Literature Studies",
issn = "1949-8519",
publisher = "Shanghai Normal University, Purdue University and the Wuhan Institute for Humanities",
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