One hundred years of Quaternary pollen analysis 1916–2016

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title = "One hundred years of Quaternary pollen analysis 1916–2016",
abstract = "We review the history of Quaternary pollen analysis from 1916 to the present-day, with particular emphasis on methodological and conceptual developments and on the early pioneers of the subject. The history is divided into three phases—the pioneer phase 1916–1950, the building phase 1951–1973, and the mature phase 1974–present-day. We also explore relevant studies prior to Lennart von Post’s seminal lecture in 1916 in Kristiania (Oslo) in an attempt to trace how the idea of Quaternary pollen analysis with quantitative pollen counting and stratigraphical pollen diagrams developed.",
keywords = "Concepts, History, Methods, Palaeoclimatology, Pioneers, Pollen-representation studies, Quaternary geology, Taphonomy",
author = "Birks, {H. John B.} and Berglund, {Bj{\"o}rn E.}",
year = "2018",
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