Overview of vehicle-to-vehicle radio channel measurements for collision avoidance applications

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title = "Overview of vehicle-to-vehicle radio channel measurements for collision avoidance applications",
abstract = "In this paper we present an overview of a vehicle-to-vehicle radio channel measurement campaign at 5.6GHz. The selected measurement scenarios are based on important safety-related applications. We explain why these scenarios are interesting from the aspect of radio propagation. Further we describe the power-delay profile and the Doppler spectral density of two situations especially suitable for collision avoidance applications: A traffic congestion situation where one car is overtaking another one, and a general line-of-sight obstruction between the transmitter and the receiver car. The evaluations show that in these situations the radio channel is highly influenced by the rich scattering environment. Most important scatterers are traffic signs, trucks, and bridges, whereas other cars do not significantly contribute to the multipath propagation.",
author = "Alexander Paier and Laura Bernad{\'o} and Johan K{\aa}redal and Oliver Klemp and Andreas Kwoczek",
year = "2010",
language = "English",
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