Pam50 intrinsic subtype profiles in primary and metastatic breast cancer show a significant shift toward more aggressive subtypes with prognostic implications

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Background: PAM50 breast cancer intrinsic subtyping adds prognostic information in early breast cancer; however, the role in metastatic disease is unclear. We aimed to identify PAM50 subtypes in primary tumors (PTs) and metastases to outline subtype changes and their prognostic role. Methods: RNA was isolated from PTs, lymph node metastases (LNMs), and distant metastases (DMs) in metastatic breast cancer patients (n = 140) included in a prospective study (NCT01322893). Gene expression analyses were performed using the Breast Cancer 360 (BC360) assay from Nano-String. The subtype shifts were evaluated using McNemar and symmetry tests, and clinical outcomes were evaluated with log-rank tests and Cox regression. Results: The PAM50 subtype changed in 25/59 of paired samples between PTs and LNMs (Psymmetry = 0.002), in 31/61 between PTs and DMs (Psymmetry < 0.001), and in 16/38 between LNMs and DMs (Psymmetry = 0.004). Shifts toward subtypes with worse outcomes were the most common. Patients with shifts from the luminal PT to non-luminal DM subtypes had worse progression-free survival compared to patients with a stable subtype (hazard ratio (HR): 2.3; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.14–4.68, p = 0.02). Conclusion: Strong evidence of PAM50 subtype shifts toward unfavorable subtypes were seen between PTs and metastatic samples. For patients with a shift in subtype from luminal PT to non-luminal DM, a worse prognosis was noted.


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  • Metastatic breast cancer, PAM50 breast cancer intrinsic subtype, Subtype shift, Tumor heterogeneity, Tumor progression
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