Paperboard packages exposed to static loads–finite element modelling and ­experiments

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title = "Paperboard packages exposed to static loads–finite element modelling and ­experiments",
abstract = "The aim of this study was to analyse the mechanical behaviour of paperboard packages subjected to static compressive loads. The study was divided in three parts and experiments and finite element analysis conducted for each part. First, a panel of paperboard was subjected to edge compressive loading as a means of checking the material model. Second, the package was cut into segments and each segment was subjected to compression in order to determine the contribution of the different parts to the overall behaviour of the package. Third, a whole package loaded in compression was studied. In the finite element simulations, the paperboard was modelled as an orthotropic, linear, elastic–plastic laminate. The study utilized a non-linear finite element analysis, based on the plasticity of the material and large displacements. The results show that the middle segment of the package exhibits a higher stiffness than that of the upper and lower package segments and that of the whole package, which leads to the conclusion that the low initial stiffness of the package is a consequence of the low stiffness of the upper and lower corners, i.e. of the horizontal creases. Copyright {\circledC} 2001 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.",
keywords = "finite element method, stiffness, compression",
author = "Liliana Beldie and G{\"o}ran Sandberg",
year = "2001",
doi = "10.1002/pts.546",
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