Performance of the AGATA Gamma-ray Spectrometer in the PreSPEC Set-up at GSI

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title = "Performance of the AGATA Gamma-ray Spectrometer in the PreSPEC Set-up at GSI",
abstract = "In contemporary nuclear physics, the European Advanced GAmma Tracking Array (AGATA) represents a crucial detection system for cutting-edge nuclear structure studies. AGATA consists of highly segmented high-purity germanium crystals and uses the pulse-shape analysis technique to determine both the position and the energy of the γ-ray interaction points in the crystals. It is the tracking algorithms that deploy this information and enable insight into the sequence of interactions, providing information on the full or partial absorption of the γ ray. A series of dedicated performance measurements for an AGATA set-up comprising 21 crystals is described. This set-up was used within the recent PreSPEC–AGATA experimental campaign at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum f{\"u}r Schwerionenforschung. Using the radioactive sources 56Co, 60Co and 152Eu, absolute and normalized efficiencies and the peak-to-total of the array were measured. These quantities are discussed using different data analysis procedures. The quality of the pulse-shape analysis and the tracking algorithm are evaluated. The agreement between the experimental data and the Geant4 simulations is also investigated",
keywords = "gamma-ray spectroscopy, AGATA spectrometer, PreSPEC-AGATA",
author = "Natasa Lalovic and C. Louchart and C. Michelagnoli and R.M. Perez-Vidal and D. Ralet and J. Gerl and Dirk Rudolph and T. Arici and D. Bazzacco and E. Clement and A. Gadea and I. Kojouharov and A. Korichi and M. Labiche and J. Ljungvall and A. Lopez-Martens and J. Nyberg and N. Pietralla and S. Pietri and O. Stezowski and Collaboration, {the AGATA} and Collaboration, {the PreSPEC}",
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