Performance of the EUDET-type beam telescopes

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Test beam measurements at the test beam facilities of DESY have been conducted to characterise the performance of the EUDET-type beam telescopes originally developed within the EUDET project. The beam telescopes are equipped with six sensor planes using MIMOSA 26 monolithic active pixel devices. A programmable Trigger Logic Unit provides trigger logic and time stamp information on particle passage. Both data
acquisition framework and offline reconstruction software packages are available. User devices are easily integrable into the data acquisition framework via predefined
The biased residual distribution is studied as a function of the beam energy, plane spacing and sensor threshold. Its standard deviation at the two centre pixel planes using all six planes for tracking in a 6 GeV electron/positron-beam is measured to be (2.88 ± 0.08) μm. Iterative track fits using the formalism of General Broken Lines are
performed to estimate the intrinsic resolution of the individual pixel planes. The mean intrinsic resolution over the six sensors used is found to be (3.24 ± 0.09) μm. With a 5 GeV electron/positron beam, the track resolution halfway between the two inner pixel planes using an equidistant plane spacing of 20mm is estimated to (1.83 ± 0.03)μm assuming the measured intrinsic resolution. Towards lower beam energies the track resolution deteriorates due to increasing multiple scattering. Threshold studies show an optimal working point of the MIMOSA 26 sensors at a sensor threshold of between
five and six times their RMS noise. Measurements at different plane spacings are used to calibrate the amount of multiple scattering in the material traversed and allow for corrections to the predicted angular scattering for electron beams.


  • H Jansen
  • S Spannagel
  • J Behr
  • Antonio Bulgheroni
  • Gilles Claus
  • Emlyn Corrin
  • David Cussans
  • Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler
  • Doris Eckstein
  • Thomas Eichhorn
  • Mathieu Goffe
  • Ingrid Maria Gregor
  • Daniel Haas
  • Carsten Muhl
  • Hanno Perrey
  • Richard Peschke
  • Philipp Roloff
  • Igor Rubinskiy
  • Marc Winter
External organisations
  • German Electron Synchrotron (DESY)
  • INFN Section of Milano
  • Hubert Curien Pluridisciplinary Institute (IPHC)
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Bristol
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Original languageEnglish
JournalEPJ Techniques and Instrumentation
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2016
Publication categoryResearch
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