Photochemical reactions in biological light perception and regulation

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Many photochemical reactions involved in the sensing of and regulation by light and ultraviolet radiation by organisms consist of cis-trans (and trans-cis) isomerisations. This chapter starts with a description of these, and then goes on to the blue-light receptors crypto-chrome and phototropin, which use other chemical mechanisms, and concludes with a discus-sion of ultraviolet-B receptors.


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  • Urocanic acid Cis-trans isomerization Trans-cis isomerization Eukaryotic Rhodopsin Archaean PYP Photoactive yellow protein Xanthopsin Phytochrome Cyanobacteria Chromatic adaptation Violaxanthin Stomata Stomatal regulation Cryptochrome Phototropin Blue-light sensor UV-B receptor Action spectrum
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