Photoionization-pumped gain at 185 nm in a laser-ablated indium plasma

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title = "Photoionization-pumped gain at 185 nm in a laser-ablated indium plasma",
abstract = "We reportwhat is to our knowledge the first production of gain by inner-shell photoionization of ions. Photoionization of 4d electrons from In$+$ ions created a population inversion on a 185-nm In2$+$ transition. This scheme is an isoelectronic scaling of the 442-nm Cd$+$ laser. A single-pass gain constant of 0.9 {\textpm} 0.3 cm{\textminus}1 over a 0.4-cm path was pumped by soft x rays generated by less than 50 mJ of 1.06-$\mu$m light focused onto a tantalum target. Laser ablation of a liquid-indium target provided a high density (1016 cm{\textminus}3) of ground-state In$+$ ions for this scheme. An indium amplified spontaneous emission laser and a synchronously pumped indium laser oscillator are proposed.",
author = "Lacy, {R. A} and Nilsson, {A. C} and Byer, {R. L} and Silfvast, {W. T} and Wood, {O. R} and Sune Svanberg",
year = "1989",
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