Phylogeography of the European rock rose Helianthemum nummularium s.l. (Cistaceae): western richness and eastern poverty

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title = "Phylogeography of the European rock rose Helianthemum nummularium s.l. (Cistaceae): western richness and eastern poverty",
abstract = "Helianthemum nummularium s.l. is a young, morphologically diverse species distributed from western Europe to the Caucasus and the Southern Urals in the east. We analysed the rps16-trnK plastid intergenic spacer sequences from 85 localities covering most of the range of H. nummularium. Thirteen haplotypes were very unevenly distributed throughout the range of the species, and exhibited a strong phylogeographic signal. The results confirm range expansions of H. nummularium from Mediterranean refugia northwards, but also show the major role of eastern European (the Caucasus and the Southern Urals) refugia in rapid postglacial colonization of east, north and central Europe. The plastid haplotypes form distinct clades, one representing an eastern European lineage with few haplotypes and the other representing a western European lineage with many haplotypes. Parallel to this split in haplotype diversity is the pronounced differentiation in morphological variation displayed by the taxa found in west and east Europe. We discuss the role of topography in generating differences in morphological and genetic diversity between these two groups. We also discuss the taxonomical status of Helianthemum arcticum, which is regarded as an endangered local endemic of the Kola Peninsula. Helianthemum arcticum appears to represent an outlying peripheral population of H. nummularium preserved since the last postglacial major range expansion of this species, and bears the same plastid haplotype as the bulk of east and north European populations.",
keywords = "Endangered species, Helianthemum, Peripheral populations, Phylogeography, rps16-trnK",
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