Placidiopsis custnani – a new pyrenocarpous species to Sweden

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title = "Placidiopsis custnani – a new pyrenocarpous species to Sweden",
abstract = "Placidiopsis custnani (A. Massal.) K{\"o}rb., last recorded from the Nordic countries almost 160 years ago, is reported from the island of Gotland as new to Sweden. Its taxonomy and ecology are described from the new locality, and a key is provided for the former members of the genus Catapyrenium growing on soil, mosses or bark in the Nordic countries.",
author = "Ulf Arup and Lars Fr{\"o}berg and Lars-{\AA}ke Pettersson",
year = "2014",
language = "English",
volume = "26",
pages = "42--45",
journal = "Graphis Scripta",
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