Postoperativa sårinfektioner inom hudkirurgi - En evidensöversikt: Orsakar onödigt lidande och ökade vårdkostnader, bästa förebyggande åtgärd ännu inte klarlagd

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


title = "Postoperativa s{\aa}rinfektioner inom hudkirurgi - En evidens{\"o}versikt: Orsakar on{\"o}digt lidande och {\"o}kade v{\aa}rdkostnader, b{\"a}sta f{\"o}rebyggande {\aa}tg{\"a}rd {\"a}nnu inte klarlagd",
abstract = "Surgical site infections (SSIs) in dermatologic surgery are rare, but when they do occur they can cause unnecessary suffering in patients, delayed healing, and result in poor scar cosmesis. The etiology and pathogenesis of SSIs in dermatologic surgery are not completely understood and most current preventative measures lack strong scientific evidence. Focusing on dermatologic surgery, this article provides an updated overview of the subject with data summarizing relevant studies.",
author = "Karim Saleh and Artur Schmidtchen",
year = "2019",
language = "svenska",
volume = "116",
journal = "L{\"a}kartidningen",
issn = "0023-7205",
publisher = "Swedish Medical Association",
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