Primaer cytomegalovirusinfektion og tromboflebitis/lungeemboli

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title = "Primaer cytomegalovirusinfektion og tromboflebitis/lungeemboli",
abstract = "A young woman was admitted to hospital with suspected pyelonephritis. Due to prolonged fever, further investigations were done and showed a thrombosis in her femoral vein; X-ray and lung scintigraphy revealed a pulmonary embolism. Blood tests showed lymphocytosis, and a primary cytamegalovirus (CMV) infection was confirmed by serology and PCR. The patient was a smoker and obese and was taking oral contraceptives; a factor V Leiden mutation was also found. Deep-vein thrombosis is a rare but severe complication of a primary CMV infection that is also seen in immunocompetent persons.",
keywords = "Adult, Cytomegalovirus Infections/diagnosis, Diagnosis, Differential, Factor V/genetics, Female, Humans, Point Mutation, Pulmonary Embolism/diagnosis, Risk Factors, Thrombophlebitis/diagnosis",
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