Production and Decay of Element 114: High Cross Sections and the New Nucleus 277Hs

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title = "Production and Decay of Element 114: High Cross Sections and the New Nucleus 277Hs",
abstract = "The fusion-evaporation reaction Pu-244(Ca-48, 3-4n)(288,289)114 was studied at the new gas-filled recoil separator TASCA. Thirteen correlated decay chains were observed and assigned to the production and decay of (288, 289)114. At a compound nucleus excitation energy of E* = 39.8-43.9 MeV, the 4n evaporation channel cross section was 9.8(-3.1)(+3.9) pb. At E* = 36.1-39.5 MeV, that of the 3n evaporation channel was 8.0-(+7.4)(4.5) pb. In one of the 3n evaporation channel decay chains, a previously unobserved alpha branch in (281)Ds was observed ( probability to be of random origin from background: 0.1{\%}). This alpha decay populated the new nucleus (277)Hs, which decayed by spontaneous fission after a lifetime of 4.5 ms.",
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