Proton and Neutron g9/2 Alignments in the N=46 Isotones 86Zr and 87Nb

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title = "Proton and Neutron g9/2 Alignments in the N=46 Isotones 86Zr and 87Nb",
abstract = "The magnetic moments of the 8(+) yrast state in Zr-86 and the 17/2(-) and 21/2(+) yrast states in Nb-87 have been measured via the IMPAD technique, The nuclei were produced in the Ni-58(S-32,Xp) reaction; the time-integral Larmor precessions were measured after recoil implantation into a polarised Fe foil. The g-factors are used to deduce the character of the g(9/2) Shell alignments within the states and their structures are interpreted with the shell model in the (g(9/2),p(1/2)) single-particle space, using the Gross-Frenkel two-body matrix elements. A survey on the various alignment schemes in these neutron-deficient isotopes is given. We find that neutron-pair alignment is favoured for even-parity states in the near-spherical nuclei with N greater than or equal to 46 but a major component of the odd-parity 17/2(1)(-) state arises from the alignment of a neutron-proton pair in the g(9/2) shell coupled to an unpaired neutron in the p(1/2) shell.",
author = "M. Weiszflog and J. Billowes and J. Eberth and Gross, {C. J.} and Kabadiyski, {M. K.} and Lieb, {K. P.} and T. Mylaeus and Dirk Rudolph",
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