Radiative lifetime and oscillator strength determinations in Sm III

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title = "Radiative lifetime and oscillator strength determinations in Sm III",
abstract = "Radiative lifetimes of 6 levels belonging to the4f<SUP>5(<SUP>6H<SUP>deg,<SUP>6F<SUP>deg)5d configuration of Sm III have beenmeasured for the first time using a time-resolved laser-inducedfluorescence technique. Experimental data have been compared withsemi-empirical calculations. The agreement is excellent for 4 levelswith <SUP>6F<SUP>deg as a parent term. Larger discrepancies(53 and 37) are observed for 2 levels with <SUP>6H<SUP>degand <SUP>6F<SUP>deg, respectively, as a parent term and areexplainable by strong mixing and cancellation effects occurring in theline strength calculations which are responsible of instabilitiesoccurring in the lifetimes considered as a function of J value withinthe term. Branching ratios for the lines depopulating the levels ofinterest have been measured by Fourier transform spectroscopy. A firstset of oscillator strengths has been deduced for this ion.",
keywords = "atomic processes, atomic data, stars: chemically peculiar",
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