Realistic Instrumentation Platform for Active and Passive Optical Remote Sensing.

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title = "Realistic Instrumentation Platform for Active and Passive Optical Remote Sensing.",
abstract = "We describe the development of a novel versatile optical platform for active and passive remote sensing of environmental parameters. Applications include assessment of vegetation status and water quality. The system is also adapted for ecological studies, such as identification of flying insects including agricultural pests. The system is based on two mid-size amateur astronomy telescopes, continuous-wave diode lasers at different wavelengths ranging from violet to the near infrared, and detector facilities including quadrant photodiodes, two-dimensional and line scan charge-coupled device cameras, and a compact digital spectrometer. Application examples include remote Raman-laser-induced fluorescence monitoring of water quality at 120 m distance, and insect identification at kilometer ranges using the recorded wing-beat frequency and its spectrum of overtones. Because of the low cost this developmental platform is very suitable for advanced research projects in developing countries and has, in fact, been multiplied during hands-on workshops and is now being used by a number of groups at African universities.",
author = "Mikkel Brydegaard and Aboma Merdasa and Alem Gebru and Hiran Jayaweera and Sune Svanberg",
year = "2016",
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