Recension av "Lärarinna av Guds nåde - Cecilia Fryxell" av Inga Elgqvist-Saltzman

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title = "Recension av {"}L{\"a}rarinna av Guds n{\aa}de - Cecilia Fryxell{"} av Inga Elgqvist-Saltzman",
abstract = "A female pioneer teacher och founder of schools for girls and for education of female teachers in the 19th century in Sweden.",
keywords = "19th century, female teachers, schools for girls, education",
author = "Ulvros, {Eva Helen}",
note = "Reviewed Work(s): {"}L{\"a}rarinna av Guds n{\aa}de - Cecilia Fryxell.{"} (by Inga Elgqvist-Saltzman)",
year = "2011",
language = "svenska",
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