Relocation of coflowing immiscible liquids under acoustic field in a microchannel

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title = "Relocation of coflowing immiscible liquids under acoustic field in a microchannel",
abstract = "We report the dynamics of coflowing immiscible liquid streams exposed to an acoustic standing wave in a microchannel. Relocation of the liquid streams is experimentally demonstrated and a theoretical model that explains the underlying phenomena is presented. Our experiments and theoretical model suggest that the relocation phenomena are governed by the interplay between the primary acoustic radiation force F ac and the interfacial tension force F int-which is represented in terms of a new dimensionless number called {"}acoustocapillary number{"}, . Using various combinations of immiscible liquids, we show that relocation of the higher acoustic impedance liquid stream to the pressure node occurs above a critical acoustocapillary number . The understanding of the above phenomena provides a new paradigm related to the manipulation of immiscible liquids under acoustic field.",
author = "E. Hemachandran and S. Karthick and T. Laurell and Sen, {A. K.}",
year = "2019",
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doi = "10.1209/0295-5075/125/54002",
language = "English",
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