Research infrastructures in Europe: The hype and the field

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title = "Research infrastructures in Europe: The hype and the field",
abstract = "Research Infrastructures (RIs) are tools for scientific research that have received increased attention in science policy in Europe in recent years, including the launch of specific governance bodies and a structured process of prioritization and organization of RI projects in the making. But there is no commonly accepted definition of what RIs are, and the category is both very varied and lacks historical roots. This article provides a historical contextualization of this policy area and discusses, in some detail, different ways of categorizing the 60 RIs identified by EU-level governance bodies as strategically important for Europe as a whole. Showing that the concept of RIs is a political construct with little analytical value for assessing the role and function of RIs in science and innovation systems, the article paves the way for more conceptually and analytically stringent studies of the politics of RIs in Europe.",
author = "Olof Hallonsten",
year = "2020",
doi = "10.1017/S1062798720000095",
language = "English",
journal = "European Review",
issn = "1062-7987",
publisher = "Cambridge University Press",