Residents' lamp purchasing behaviour, indoor lighting characteristics and choices in Swedish homes

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title = "Residents' lamp purchasing behaviour, indoor lighting characteristics and choices in Swedish homes",
abstract = "Indoor lighting is known to affect people{\textquoteright}s wellbeing, mood and behaviour. The rapid development of new energy-efficient lamp technologies has enabled new lighting applications in home environments. To investigate the prospects of introducing a personalised light emitting diode (LED)-based home lighting technology, a mixed-methods research study was carried out, applying the goal-framing theory. The results, based on a questionnaire survey (N = 536), show that purchasing costs of energy-efficient lamps have little effect on consumers{\textquoteright} lamp choices, and that the degree of consumer acceptance of LED lamps has increased in recent years without resulting in increased lighting use. The results confirm that Swedish homes are characterised by many lamps, an average of 39 per home, but there is a significant variation across tenure type. Based on a qualitative analysis of interviews with 12 participants, the conclusion can be drawn that residents seem to know what kind of lighting they want, but they do not necessarily have what they want for a variety of reasons. Besides individual characteristics, situational factors influence residents{\textquoteright} home lighting and visual comfort, such as the indoor built home environment and the availability of lighting products. Consequently, responsibility for residents{\textquoteright} actual home lighting also lies with housing developers, lighting producers and providers.",
keywords = "Residential, Lighting choices, Lighting behaviour, Mixed methods, Residential, Lighting choices, Lighting behaviour, Mixed Methods",
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