Resonance saturation in the odd-intrinsic parity sector of low-energy QCD

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title = "Resonance saturation in the odd-intrinsic parity sector of low-energy QCD",
abstract = "Using the large N-C approximation we have constructed the most general chiral resonance Lagrangian in the odd-intrinsic parity sector that can generate low-energy chiral constants up to O(p(6)). Integrating out the resonance fields these O(p(6)) constants are expressed in terms of resonance couplings and masses. The role of eta' is discussed and its contribution is explicitly factorized. Using the resonance basis we have also calculated two QCD Green functions of currents, < VVP > and < VAS >, and found, imposing high-energy constraints, additional relations for resonance couplings. We have studied several phenomenological implications based on these correlators which provided, for example, a prediction for the pi(0)-pole contribution to the muon g - 2 factor: a(mu)(pi 0) = 65.8(1.2) x 10(-11).",
author = "Karol Kampf and Jiri Novotny",
year = "2011",
doi = "10.1103/PhysRevD.84.014036",
language = "English",
volume = "84",
journal = "Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology",
issn = "1550-2368",
publisher = "American Physical Society",
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