RISING: Gamma‐ray Spectroscopy with Radioactive Beams at GSI

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title = "RISING: Gamma‐ray Spectroscopy with Radioactive Beams at GSI",
abstract = "The Rare Isotope Spectroscopic INvestigation at GSI (RISING) project is a major pan‐European collaboration. Its physics aims are the studies of exotic nuclear matter with abnormal proton‐to‐neutron ratios compared with naturally occurring isotopes. RISING combines the FRagment Separator (FRS) which allows relativistic energies and projectile fragmentation reactions with EUROBALL Ge Cluster detectors for γ spectroscopic research. The RISING setup can be used in two different configurations. Either the nuclei of interest are investigated after being stopped or the heavy ions hit a secondary target at relativistic energies and the thereby occurring excitations are studied. For the latter case, MINIBALL Ge detectors and the HECTOR array are used in addition. Example achievements of the Fast Beam setup are presented and compared to various shell model calculations, while for the Stopped Beam setup initial results are shown.",
keywords = "gamma-ray spectroscopy, radioactive ion beams, heavy ion-nucleus reactions, nuclear fragmentation",
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