Search for Linking Transitions in 143Eu

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title = "Search for Linking Transitions in 143Eu",
abstract = "An experiment was performed with the Gammasphere Ge-detector array, and the Microball charged particle detector, to search for transitions involved in the decay from the yrast superdeformed band in Eu-143. Sum spectra in coincidence with single, double, and triple gates on SD transitions were produced to search for previously reported two-step links between the superdeformed and the near-yrast ND levels. The sum spectra contained no evidence of peaks corresponding to sums of two-step linking transitions. Several discrete gamma rays were observed in coincidence with the yrast SD band. One previously reported single-step transition at 3361 keV was confirmed to decay out of the SD band.",
author = "F. Lerma and LaFosse, {D. R.} and M. Devlin and Sarantites, {D. G.} and S. Asztalos and Clark, {R. M.} and P. Fallon and Lee, {I. Y.} and Macchiavelli, {A. O.} and MacLeod, {R. W.} and C. Baktash and Brinkman, {M. J.} and Dirk Rudolph",
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