Secondary emissions from alkali attack on adhesives and PVC floorings

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title = "Secondary emissions from alkali attack on adhesives and PVC floorings",
abstract = "The report describes three investigations of emissions from alkali attack on adhesives and floorings. The investigations show that low alkali levelling compounds, based on calcium aluminate cement, can act as a protection against secondary emissions of 1-butanol and 2-ethylhexanol, provided that the humidity does not exceed a critical level, which with some safety margin is recommended to be 90% RH. Five tested levelling compounds all had the same principal behaviour. A minimum thickness of the levelling compound is recommended to be 5 mm, although the investigations show that the levelling compounds also had protection capacity at 2 mm. One way of assuring that the humidity is below the critical level is to use self-desiccating concrete. A concrete with water-binder ratio of 0.43 together with a levelling compound proved effective.",
keywords = "golvbel{\"a}ggningar, alkali, PVC, emissioner",
author = "Johan Alexanderson",
year = "2004",
language = "English",
volume = "3115",
series = "Report TVBM",
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