Seen, or unseen? The portrayal of Women in historical scholarship in Sweden from 1890 to 1995

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I am studying the portrayal of women in Swedish dissertations of history from 1890 to 1995. Inspired by Pierre Bourdieu I interpret the production of knowledge as an effect of the rivalry between researchers concerning the dominate positions within the field of history. One strategy in order to reach these positions is to focus on phenomena that previous research has not paid attention to. To show this I am using the way women are depicted. During my period the portrayal of women changes in many respects. This I mean should be seen in the light of several factors, where I have chosen to foremost focus the impact of the research policy. Since the 1960s politicians' in various ways has tried to persuade the research community to follow a certain line of research. One of these decrees concerns the development of women's studies. This kind of research is also stimulated by project money and a professorship in women's history is created. Investments from politicians in order to stimulate women's studies continues during the rest of my period of study. One effect of the edicts and investments is that notations about women are experienced as one fruitful way of accomplish a research profile and thereby increase the possibilities to advance within the field of history. Put in another way: because of the dictates from the politicians, to make notations about women and their activity seems to be one possible way to achieve prosper within the research field. Another significant factor concerning the development is the establishment of the field of social history which in contrast to political history focus social development and the consequences and effects of economic and social factors. Since also the population at large is given attention, the differences between the actions of women and men as well as the in several aspects limited ability of women to act is noted. Although the explicitly feminist- or genderorientation by no means are encompassing the field as a whole, the number of those making notations about women's space of action subsequently increases.


  • Agneta Ljungh
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  • Modern historia (ca. 1800-1914), Contemporary history (circa 1800 to 1914), women's studies, rivalry, research policy, Historiography, portrayal of women, Contemporary history (since 1914), Nutidshistoria (från 1914)
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  • Agneta Ljungh, Department of History, Box 2074, 220 02 Lund
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