Selected Spectroscopic Results on Element 115 Decay Chains

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title = "Selected Spectroscopic Results on Element 115 Decay Chains",
abstract = "Thirty correlated alpha-decay chains were observed in an experiment studying the fusion-evaporation reaction 48Ca + 243Am at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum f¨ur Schwerionenforschung. The decay characteristics of the majority of these 30 chains are consistent with previous observations and interpretations of such chains to originate from isotopes of element Z = 115. High-resolution alpha-photon coincidence spectroscopy in conjunction with comprehensive Monte-Carlo simulations allow to propose excitation schemes of atomic nuclei of the heaviest elements, thereby probing nuclear structure models near the ‘Island of Stability’ with unprecedented experimental precision.",
keywords = "Superheavy elements, Nuclear spectroscopy, Nuclear structure",
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