Service innovation in e-commerce last mile delivery: Mapping the e-customer journey

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title = "Service innovation in e-commerce last mile delivery: Mapping the e-customer journey",
abstract = "The remarkable growth of e-commerce has defined the recent years of various industries worldwide. Driven by consumers, the e-commerce surge (e-retail in particular) stems from the final leg of the supply chain: the last mile. As the growing flow of e-commerce orders continues to generate new records for annual revenues, key actors in the last mile face the challenges of increasing customer demands and transportation volumes. In response, e-retailers and logistics service providers seek innovative service solutions, often powered by technological advancements. This study consisted of focus group interviews and a usability test that incorporated an innovative technology in the delivery service. The study provides insights into how service innovation affects e-customer behavior and presents a basic map of the e-customer journey. The findings also provide a foundation for improving management of the customer experience and aiding managerial decision-making when designing new e-commerce last mile services.",
keywords = "Customer experience, Customer journey, e-Commerce, e-Customer, Last mile delivery, Service innovation",
author = "Yulia Vakulenko and Poja Shams and Daniel Hellstr{\"o}m and Klas Hjort",
year = "2019",
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doi = "10.1016/j.jbusres.2019.01.016",
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