Social Innovation in a Digital Context.

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title = "Social Innovation in a Digital Context.",
abstract = "This book summarizes the project work of the very first batch of participants of Lund University{\textquoteright}s international Social Innovation in a Digital Context programme, financed by the Swedish Institute. The programme targets human rights activists in a position from which they can initiate projects of change in their home countries in the area of social innovation. During the programme all participants initiate a change project using the knowledge and skills obtained during the programme and using digital technology. This book contains reports on projects aimed at creating sociopolitical improvement in Algeria, Gaza, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Tunisia.",
keywords = "Social Innovation, Internet, Digital, Innovation, Social norms, MENA, Arabic spring, Social media",
editor = "Kari R{\"o}nkk{\"o} and M{\aa}ns Svensson and Linda Palmqvist",
year = "2014",
language = "English",
isbn = "978-91980535-7-9",
publisher = "LUCE Lund University",