Spectroscopy at N=Z with EUROBALL III

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title = "Spectroscopy at N=Z with EUROBALL III",
abstract = "A complete study of the nuclear structure by means of gamma spectroscopy requires, in addition to the high resolution gamma measurement and accurate DCO's or angular distributions, the information concerning the Electric or Magnetic character of the transition. This information for transitions in nuclei far from stability valley is now reachable in the new generation of Ge-arrays based in composite detectors. EUROBALL III is a good example with the high polarization sensitivity of the 90 degrees ring of Clovers. The Polarization correlations PCO's measured in coincidence with the Cluster detectors permits to investigate transitions in weakly populated nuclei. In this contribution we present results on medium mass N=Z nuclei measured with EUROBALL III coupled with light particle ancillary detectors.",
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