Spectroscopy of M-shell x-ray transitions in Zn-like through Co-like W

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title = "Spectroscopy of M-shell x-ray transitions in Zn-like through Co-like W",
abstract = "The M-shell x-ray emission of highly charged tungsten ions has been investigated at the Livermore electron beam ion trap facility. Using the SuperEBIT electron beam ion trap and a NASA x-ray calorimeter array, transitions connecting to levels of the ground configurations in the 1500–3600 eV spectral range of zinc-like W44+ through cobalt-like W47+ have been measured. The measured spectra are compared with theoretical line positions and emissivities calculated using the FAC code.",
keywords = "x-ray calorimeter, highly charged ions, x-ray spectroscopy, tungsten, electron beam ion trap",
author = "Joel Clementson and Peter Beiersdorfer and Greg Brown and Gu, {Ming Feng}",
year = "2010",
doi = "10.1088/0031-8949/81/01/015301",
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