Speed Responses to Speed Humps as Affected by Time of Day and Light Conditions on a Residential Road with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Road Lighting

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Abstract: The speed-reducing effect of speed humps during darkness is important to ensure a consistent speed reduction and a decreased probability of accidents during darkness. This study examined the effects of speed humps, compared with a control location, on a residential road in Swedenwithlight-emittingdiode(LED)streetlightinganda30km/hpostedspeedlimit. Hypotheses tested were that: (I) vehicle speed is higher during daylight than in darkness; (II) speed at speed humps is lower than at control locations during both daylight and darkness; (III) speed at humps is higher during daylight; (IV) vehicle speed at humps is lower when luminance or visibility of the humps is greater; and, (V) the road environment of speed humps is perceived as being similar by drivers. The results showed that vehicle speed at the control location was negligibly higher (+0.3 km/h) during daylight than in darkness. Speed humps reduced driving speed by 20% when compared with the posted speed limit and the effect was not significantly different between daylight and darkness. Speed reduction for the three speed humps varied between 9% and 29% as compared with the posted speed limit. In this study, the LED road lighting that was placed directly above or in front of the hump achieved the highest luminance. This study could not reveal any significant differences in vehicle speed attributable to light conditions per se.


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