Starburst triggered by compressive tides in galaxy mergers

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title = "Starburst triggered by compressive tides in galaxy mergers",
abstract = "The tidal field of galaxies is known generally to be disruptive. However, in the case of galaxy mergers, a compressive mode of tidal wave may develop and last long enough to cocoon the formation of star clusters. Using an N‐body simulation of the Antennae galaxies, we derive the positions of these compressive regions and the statistics of their duration. Excellent agreement between the spatial distribution of tides and observed young clusters is found, while the characteristic e‐folding times of 10 to 30 Myr derived for the tidal field compare well with cluster formation time‐scales.",
keywords = "galaxies: evolution, galaxies: individual (NGC4038/39) -galaxies: interactions, galaxies: starburst, galaxies: star clusters, stars: formation, Astrophysics",
author = "F. Renaud and Ch. Theis and C.~M. Boily",
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