Structural Properties of Wurtzite InP-InGaAs Nanowire Core-Shell Heterostructures

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title = "Structural Properties of Wurtzite InP-InGaAs Nanowire Core-Shell Heterostructures",
abstract = "We report on growth and characterization of wurtzite InP-In1-xGaxAs core-shell nanowire heterostructures. A range of nanowire structures with different Ga concentration in the shell was characterized with transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. We found that the main part of the nanowires has a pure wurtzite crystal structure, with occasional stacking faults occurring only at the top and bottom. This allowed us to determine the structural properties of wurtzite In1-xGaxAs. The InP-In1-xGaxAs core-shell nanowires show a triangular and hexagonal facet structure of {1100} and {10 (10) over bar} planes. X-ray diffraction measurements showed that the core and the shell are pseudomorphic along the c-axis, and the strained axial lattice constant is closer to the relaxed In1-xGaxAs shell. Microphotoluminescence measurements of the nanowires show emission in the infrared regime, which makes them suitable for applications in optical communication.",
keywords = "Nanowire, core-shell, wurtzite, X-ray diffraction, InP, InGaAs",
author = "Magnus Heurlin and Tomas Stankevic and Simas Mickevicius and Sofie Yngman and David Lindgren and Anders Mikkelsen and Robert Feidenhans'l and Magnus Borgstr{\"o}m and Lars Samuelson",
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