Study of Non-fusion Products in the 50Ti+249Cf Reaction

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The isotopic distribution of nuclei produced in the 50Ti + 249Cf reaction has been studied at the gas-filled recoil separator TASCA at GSI Darmstadt, which separates ions according to differences in magnetic rigidity. The bombardment was performed at an energy around the Bass barrier and with the TASCA magnetic fields set for collecting fusion-evaporation reaction products. Fifty-three isotopes located “north-east” of 208Pb were identified as recoiling products formed in non-fusion channels of the reaction. These recoils were implanted with energies in two distinct ranges; besides one with higher energy, a significant low-energy contribution was identified. The latter observation was not expected to occur according to kinematics of the known types of reactions, namely quasi-elastic, multi-nucleon transfer, deep-inelastic collisions or quasifission. The present observations are discussed within the framework of two-body kinematics passing through the formation of a composite system.


  • A. Di Nitto
  • J. Khuyagbaatar
  • D. Ackermann
  • L. L. Andersson
  • E. Badura
  • M. Block
  • H. Brand
  • I. Conrad
  • D. M. Cox
  • Ch E. Düllmann
  • J. Dvorak
  • K. Eberhardt
  • P. A. Ellison
  • N. E. Esker
  • J. Even
  • J. M. Gates
  • O. Gothe
  • K. E. Gregorich
  • W. Hartmann
  • R. D. Herzberg
  • F. P. Heßberger
  • J. Hoffmann
  • R. Hollinger
  • A. Hübner
  • E. Jäger
  • B. Kindler
  • S. Klein
  • I. Kojouharov
  • J. V. Kratz
  • J. Krier
  • N. Kurz
  • S. Lahiri
  • B. Lommel
  • M. Maiti
  • R. Mändl
  • E. Merchán
  • S. Minami
  • A. K. Mistry
  • C. Mokry
  • H. Nitsche
  • J. P. Omtvedt
  • G. K. Pang
  • D. Renisch
  • J. Runke
  • M. Schädel
  • H Schaffner
  • B. Schausten
  • A. Semchenkov
  • J. Steiner
  • P. Thörle-Pospiech
  • N. Trautmann
  • A. Türler
  • J. Uusitalo
  • D. Ward
  • M. Wegrzecki
  • P. Wieczorek
  • N. Wiehl
  • A. Yakushev
  • V. Yakusheva
External organisations
  • University of Mainz
  • GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research
  • University of Liverpool
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
  • University of Oslo
  • National University of Colombia
  • Institute of Electron Technology
  • Helmholtz Institute Mainz
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
  • University of Bern
  • Paul Scherrer Institute
Research areas and keywords

Subject classification (UKÄ) – MANDATORY

  • Subatomic Physics


  • Multi-nucleon transfer reactions, Production of radioactive nuclei, Quasifission, α decay
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)199-205
Number of pages7
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Sep 10
Publication categoryResearch

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Di Nitto, A., Khuyagbaatar, J., Ackermann, D., Adamczewski-Musch, J., Andersson, L-L., Badura, E., Block, M., Brand, H., Cox, D. M., Düllmann, C. E., Dvorak, J., Eberhardt, K., Ellison, P. A., Esker, N. E., Even, J., Fahlander, C., Forsberg, U., Gates, J. M., Golubev, P., Gothe, O. & 48 othersGregorich, K. E., Hartmann, W., Herzberg, R-D., Heßberger, F. P., Hoffmann, J., Hollinger, R., Hübner, A., Jäger, E., Jeppsson, J., Kindler, B., Klein, S., Kojouharov, I., Kratz, J. V., Krier, J., Kurz, N., Lahiri, S., Linev, S., Lommel, B., Maiti, M., Mändl, R., Merchán, E., Minami, S., Mistry, A. K., Mokry, C., Nitsche, H., Omtvedt, J. P., Pang, G., Pysmenetska, I., Renisch, D., Dirk Rudolph, Runke, J., Luis Sarmiento Pico, Schädel, M., Schaffner, H., Schausten, B., Semchenkov, A., Steiner, J., Thörle-Pospiech, P., Torres De Heidenreich, T., Trautmann, N., Türler, A., Uusitalo, J., Ward, D., Wegrzecki, M., Wieczorek, P., Wiehl, N., Yakushev, A. & Yakusheva, V., 2017, GSI Scientific Report 2016. Große, K. (ed.). Darmstadt, Germany, Vol. 2017-1. p. 203-203 1 p. RESEARCH-NUSTAR-SHEC-3. (GSI Scientific Report; vol. 2017-1).

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