Supply Chain Implications from Conract Packaging

Research output: Working paper


title = "Supply Chain Implications from Conract Packaging",
abstract = "In trying to get products out to market, manufacturers of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) differentiate themselves through e.g. promotional efforts and display packaging (Point-of-Purchase packaging). For the display packaging, companies turn to contract packagers who are able to supply this service, providing the design, manufacturing and assembly and packing of the display packaging. This paper discusses the implications of contract packaging for a supply chain, specifically through the case of a provider of contract packaging and a supportive case that describes the experiences acquired from a relationship between P&G and Exel. The paper also offers a discussion on what actors are supplying contract packaging, presenting advantages of the individual actors. The implication that were found include the possibility of lower time -to-market, the possibility to postpone manufacturing, and increasing flexibility in the manufacturing of the displays and the offer that can be provided to customers.",
author = "Claes Wallin",
year = "2003",
language = "English",
publisher = "Packaging Logistics, Lund University",
type = "WorkingPaper",
institution = "Packaging Logistics, Lund University",