Synthesis and experimental study of novel double perovskite Ba2NixCo2−xO6 as promising oxygen carrier materials for CO2 capture application

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Novel oxygen-deficient double-perovskite type oxide Ba2NixCo2−xO6 was applied to produce O2/CO2 mixed stream gas for oxyfuel combustion application. A series of different Co concentration substituted Ba2NixCo2−xO6 was synthesized by an EDTA-citrate sol-gel combustion method. The oxygen carriers, Ba2Ni0.25Co1.75O6, Ba2Ni0.45Co1.55O6, Ba2Ni0.65Co1.35O6 and Ba2Ni0.85Co1.15O6 were c\characterized by scanning electron microscopy and cyclic oxygen adsorption/desorption experiments. The results showed that the capacity of provided O2 was improved by the partial substitution of Ni by Co. In addition, the synthesized perovskites exhibit good regeneration ability. The optimal degree of Co substitution was x = 0.25 for Ba2NixCo2−xO6 with consideration of oxygen desorption ability. Therefore, Ba2Ni0.25Co1.75O6 was selected to examine the influence of the operating parameters on the oxygen release performance. It was found that the desorption temperature and CO2 partial pressure are the two main operating parameters for the oxygen desorption performance. Further, the proposed novel double perovskite Ba2Ni0.25Co1.75O6 provided excellent performance, the O2 production of Ba2Ni0.25Co1.75O6 can still reach 120 mg/g after 10 cycles.


  • Qiuwan Shen
  • Yuhang Jiang
  • Shian Li
  • Xinrong Lv
  • Guogang Yang
  • Bengt Sunden
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  • Dalian Maritime University
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  • Materials Chemistry
  • Energy Engineering


  • BaNiCoO, double-perovskite, operating parameters, oxyfuel, oxygen production
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6991-6999
Number of pages9
JournalInternational Journal of Energy Research
Issue number8
Early online date2020 Apr 17
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jun 25
Publication categoryResearch