Tassiloa, a new genus in the Teloschistaceae (lichenized ascomycetes)

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title = "Tassiloa, a new genus in the Teloschistaceae (lichenized ascomycetes)",
abstract = "The new genus Tassiloa, proposed for the American Caloplaca digitaurea-group, is supported by phylogenetic analyses based on ITS and LSU nrDNA-sequences, and 12S SSU mtDNA-sequences. The genus is positioned in the Catenarina-clade in the subfamily Teloschistoideae of the family Teloschistaceae. The genus Tassiloa is described and compared with closely related genera. Two new combinations are proposed, Tassiloa digitaurea and T. wetmorei.",
author = "Kondratyuk, {Sergey Y.} and Ingvar K{\"a}rnefelt and Arne Thell and Elix, {John A.} and Kim, {Jung A.} and Kondratiuk, {Anna S.} and Jae-Seoun Hur",
year = "2015",
language = "English",
volume = "27",
pages = "22--26",
journal = "Graphis Scripta",
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