Temporal trends and regional disparity in rheumatoid arthritis and gout hospitalizations in Sweden, 1998-2015

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title = "Temporal trends and regional disparity in rheumatoid arthritis and gout hospitalizations in Sweden, 1998-2015",
abstract = "Hospitalization is an important component of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and gout economic burden. This study aimed to assess temporal trends and regional disparities in RA and gout hospitalizations among people aged ≥ 20 years in Sweden during 1998-2015. Data on hospital admissions with a principal diagnosis of RA or gout were collected from the National Patient Register. Age-standardized hospitalization rates (ASHRs) were calculated by means of direct standardization. The absolute and relative regional disparities were assessed. The temporal trends in ASHR and proportion of RA and gout hospitalizations from all and musculoskeletal disorders hospitalizations were analyzed using joinpoint regression. Between 1998-2000 and 2013-2015, the ASHR for RA declined by 78.9% from 109.9 to 23.2 per 100,000 Swedish adults, while it almost doubled for gout (from 10.5 to 20.8 per 100,000 Swedish adults). While in 1998-2000, RA hospitalizations were 10.3 times more frequent than gout (0.54 vs 0.05% of all hospitalizations), this ratio declined to 1.1 in 2013-2015 (0.13 vs 0.11% of all hospitalizations). The joinpoint regression revealed that, on average, the ASHR for RA declined by 10.2% (95% CI: 9.3-11.1) per year whereas for gout, it rose by 4.3% (3.2-5.4) per year during 1998-2015. While the relative regional disparities were stable, the absolute regional disparity declined for RA and increased for gout over the study period. While substantial decline in RA hospitalization is encouraging, the substantial rise in gout hospitalization is of concern, reflecting potential increase in prevalence of gout and suboptimal management of the disease.",
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