Textens ansikte i seklernas spegel [med Efterskrift 2007]

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title = "Textens ansikte i seklernas spegel [med Efterskrift 2007]",
abstract = "A reprint, with an added postscript of 2007, of a seminal lecture given in 1998 on the importance to observe changing graphic codes in the printing history of texts, especially in editorial practice. See further its first publication.",
keywords = "Swedish literature, book history, text representation, graphic design, scholarly editorial practice",
author = "Ridderstad, {Per S}",
year = "2007",
language = "svenska",
isbn = "978-91-7230-140-5",
pages = "132--160",
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booktitle = "Svenska vitterhetssamfundet 1907-2007 : historik och textkritik",
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