The A=51 Mirror Nuclei 51Fe and 51Mn

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title = "The A=51 Mirror Nuclei 51Fe and 51Mn",
abstract = "Eighteen previously unknown gamma -ray transitions were identified in the T-z = -1/2 nucleus Fe-51 following the fusion-evaporation reaction S-32(Si-28,2 alpha 1n)Fe-51. The lever scheme reaches the fully aligned I-pi = 27/2(-) terminating state of the five holes in the f(7/2) shell. The 17/2(-) state was found to be isomeric, and the lifetime was measured to be 2.87 ns. The mirror symmetry of Fe-51 and Mn-51 is discussed, and the level scheme of Fe-51 is compared to shell-model calculations.",
author = "J{\"o}rgen Ekman and Dirk Rudolph and Claes Fahlander and Charity, {R. J.} and W. Reviol and Sarantites, {D. G.} and V. Tomov and Clark, {R. M.} and M. Cromaz and P. Fallon and Macchiavelli, {A. O.} and M. Carpenter and D. Seweryniak",
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